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July 8, 2009

TPC Sawgrass Swing School:
2-Tee Drill
This is THE drill I found most valuable from my TPC Sawgrass TOUR Academy experience. Before the swing school, I was inconsistent because my hands weren't ahead of clubhead at impact; I wasn't hitting down on the ball, and I struggled to break 90.

Because of the three-day school and this 2-tee drill, my ball striking and game have improved. First round back home, I shot 100 (too many swing thoughts). Next two rounds: 86 and 85, my best.

Here's the drill, which trains you to have hands ahead at impact and therefore hit down on the ball:
  1. In the middle of your stance, place a tee three-quarters of the way into the ground (see photo).
  2. Place a second tee halfway into the ground one ball ahead and along the target line.
  3. Place ball on the back tee.
  4. Swing the club away so it's parallel to the ground.
  5. Swing and clip both tees out of the ground.
  6. Hold your finish. Notice both arms are straight with shaft pointing down. Weight is balanced over left heel.
Once you master this, lower the tees and move them farther apart.
-- Gary Legwold, Web Editor

More golf-school details.

As part of enrolling in TPC Sawgrass TOUR Academy.

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