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July 1, 2009

TPC Sawgrass Swing School:
Board Drill
"It takes 1,500 practice swings to make a swing change."

That's a maxim from the TPC Sawgrass TOUR Academy. The point: be realistic about progress. During an exit "exam," the video showed that, despite hitting only one decent shot, changing our swing was coming along. Hands were slightly ahead of ball at impact (before they were behind), meaning we were hitting more downward on the ball and not picking it. Picking, we were told, means losing 15-20 percent of your potential power.

The assignment: practice two drills to lock in hands ahead at impact. One we'll discuss here on July 8th. The other is this board drill. The downswing is so fast that at first it's hard to feel the hands-ahead position. This drill slows things down and helps lock in muscle memory of the proper impact position.
  1. Address a middle iron matched squarely to the end of four-foot 2 x 4.
  2. Swing the club away so it's parallel to the ground and pause, confirming proper alignment.
  3. Move slowly to impact (see photo), pausing to confirm that hands are ahead of clubhead.
  4. Using hands, arms and rotating body together, gently push board forward.
More golf-school details.

As part of enrolling in TOUR Academy TPC Sawgrass.

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